Wedded Bits: Step One (or 1a)

Ah yes, the glorious unknown of anything related to *cough* weddings. It has the capacity to, all at once, excite me into a fit of giggles and squeals, and terrify and overwhelm. Would you believe that my childhood nicknames included ‘melodramatic molly’? Erm, yes.

[How fitting: Merry and Mark’s at home wedding in Atlanta – a kiss to seal the deal? The most important part! Image courtesy of rockstar photographers, Our Labour of Love.]

But in all honesty, ML and I, being the team of planners that we are, had already long discussed what we hoped for and valued for a future wedded celebration. And while we differ in some aspects, we have also already proven to be an excellent design team in architectural competitions, nerdy architecture-related discussions, and duh — furnishing an apartment. [The deep philosophical discussion over the the absolute TRAVESTY of cylindrical brushed metal legs on a couch, well, I’ll spare you the details. We kissed, made up, and have learned valuable lessons along the way.] Needless to say, I’m confident that we’ll be able to put our creative minds to work and produce something that will be much more personal than if one was in charge, to the other’s second fiddle. While this is a most meandering of introductions, this is clearly not the intended content of today’s post.

However, the actual reality in our plans is that it is advantageous [in many private ways] for us to become legally married as soon as possible. This put us in a bit of a predicament as we had certain hopes for a backyard bash in Austin, Texas — as in a certain as-of-yet-unnamed-bought-or-renovated of our own ilk. Yes, in the ideal circumstances, we want to buy a house and throw our big wedded celebration in the backyard.  Insane, ambitious, yet totally personal, and financially feasible are all adjectives that come to mind in that thought. However, we currently live in NYC, not Austin. We do not have immediate plans to move there.

[If we have a party half as cool as Lena Corwin’s infamous California bash, I’ll be a happy camper. Image credit: Lena herself.]

Thus “Ode to the NYC City Hall” enters the fray. We will get married this year, in the newly-renovated marble and gilded halls of the new New York City Hall, with only our parents, siblings and their respective others in attendance. We’re hoping to celebrate with the larger, boisterous and equally important Canadian and Texan contingent at a later date. With the relative simplicity to this 2009 edition of the ‘ Wedded Bits Adventure’, is attire. I mean, who doesn’t love frilly, frothy dresses?

[Raises two hands]

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Musical Musings: Bluegrass Admissions

Okay, so. I was a self-professed music hoarder in my earlier years which saw weekly cd-binges in Vancouver, followed by a vigilant following, while these days find me utilizing the brilliance of as the lazy-(wo)man’s playlist compiler. If you haven’t figured out that Pandora is, quite simply, the bomb-diggity — then I highly recommend you get your little tail over there pronto.

[Some good stuff: The Avett Brothers’ doing what they do best – more on that after the jump. Compliments of melissamadison.]

In all honesty,  I have to give Pandora all the credit for introducing me to the  talents of Chatham County Line – a bluegrass quartet of strapping young lads out of Raleigh, North Carolina. Their kind of music had me imagining a backyard bbq soiree, complete with impromptu dance parties and margeritas. Of course, reality found me in February wandering the freezing streets of NYC. I was in a down coat that could double as a sleeping bag. It was probably snowing. Yes, they transported me away into the infinite possibilities of summer, and my toes were just itching to tap to this little tune:

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An Ode to 2009

My dear readers (tap*tap* you there? all three of you?) — December was like a beast that tripped me and then offered me cupcakes to make up. It totally threw me and my people through a loop — a continued downsizing, tears shed for friends and colleagues, the fret for our own well being, and the realization that this vicious cycle of layoffs*work frenzy*more layoffs was just going to continue, regardless of how much foot stomping I did.

On the other hand, however, Christmas in Harlem was a great success as ML and I found a tree, surprised ourselves with our enthusiasm for Macy’s Christmasland in a search for decorations, and friends traveled far and wide to help us celebrate. In fact, the end of December was a glorious success – Christmas, was in fact, a memorable occasion as ML and I became engaged, which was quickly followed by my birthday, more celebrating, and then….

January arrived.

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