Something Sweet

They asked if I wanted to begin a business baking cupcakes. I reminded them I live in a 700 square-foot cabin with an unreliable oven. This was in deep contrast to their 400-square-foot kitchen with two well-behaved ovens I used while cranking out 150 cupcakes in a morning. This effort, for their daughter’s wedding — and a very dear friend of mine — was a very happy labor of love. Dark chocolate cupcakes with nutella buttercream. Orange-scented cupcakes with grand marnier buttercream. All tried, tested, and true. Lauren chose the cupcake wrappers (perfect for the two architects), added her signature touch — those little candy baubles. Pearls, of course.

[Image from the wedding / shot by the husband and wife duo at Scobey Photography, Graham and Ashley. They’re really really nice folks.]

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Queen Anne + Miss P play ball

I’ve been wanting to try out a couple of floral directions and decided to pick up some pretties to tide me over on this gray day here in Texas. The proof is in the pudding: coral peonies hold their own and only need the barest of accompaniments.

This also goes to show how easily the Queen Anne adapts to all kinds of situations. Such lovely texture … of which I am a fiend. She’s also holding court in our bathroom with some wayward greenery from the jungle out back of us.

The other results:
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I’m working on some fun little floral projects that I’ll be posting shortly, starring the leggy queen anne. I love the way that these stems drape themselves all over the place, always graceful. I do not love the ‘coffee station’ we have going on underneath.

Time to go pillaging through the neighborhood for some appropriate escorts to the queen.

Travels / Portland

I have fond memories of escaping dreary Vancouver one Christmas to visit a friend in Portland, arriving with no expectations and besotted with the little town. It was cheap! It had organic co-ops with perfect vegan gingersnaps! It had a monstrous book store! It was still as rainy as Vancouver, however. All I remember is happiness, though. Unexpected trips tend to be the best ones in the end.

This round was a little different –very little rain, a little older, a little wiser, and on the arm of a fabulous friend. Just as enjoyable.

[Little Winter Market PDX / The Cleaners @ Ace Hotel. Image courtesy of Shanna Murray, a featured artist, as this traveller, again, went straight for the goods and not her hulking camera.]

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