Wedded Bits: Austin Inspiration

With City Hall out of the way [easy peasy] it was full steam ahead to plan the Austin shindig. Like so:

We originally wanted to buy a house, fix it up a little, and throw the wedding/slash/big party in the backyard. Reality set in after looking at some “bulldoze and re-start” options that were in our price range, not to mention that it’s kind of nuts. I’m a tich on the ambitious side, and I realized that we should move on.

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Pretty in Pink

For a local church — the First Baptist Church here in Austin — Mary Kathryn Paynter and I collaborated on this pink ditty for their weekly arrangement. I actually love collaboration as it pushes you in directions that you’re not always inclined to go yourself. Dusty sage, pink garden roses, jasmine vine, fiddlehead ferns, scabiosa only to name a few. Serious explosion of flowers, and plenty of fun*.

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When Reverse Psychology Attacks

I’ve had this whisper in my ear in October, and now, through November. An email from my sister admitting to baking shortbread while snow dusted her Toronto neighbourhood finally confronted me with the obvious. I miss snow. I miss the cold.

Let’s be realistic here. I hate snow in February onwards. In April too. May even, some years in Montreal. In fact, as of January 1st the countdown to spring is on, and the miserable weather is just a problematic guest that won’t leave. I spent the last three years salivating over the prospect of bypassing this drudgery altogether. And now this.

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Wedded Bits Redux: City Hall

So, we’ve established that as a Canadian, betrothed to an American, there are legal logistics and hoops and circuses to perform in order to get your working/visa papers in order. And it costs buckets of money. Lovely.

So, here we were, engaged Christmas of 2008. Next, Adventure: City Hall was planned for October 2009 and our immediate families and their others were quite happy to make the trip down to NYC to witness us legally take responsibility for each other. Tres romantic.

[Great mural of City Hall behind us, yes? mmm….]

Good thing New York State believes in the separation of church and state as the ceremony lasted approximate 25 seconds long. No joke. There is a video of this. Most of it includes me grabbing ML’s hand as I frantically realize that the ceremony is practically half over and we’re standing ten feet apart and not looking very much in love. Oops.

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James Moes

It’s rare that I sit up and really dig into a wedding photographer’s work. I did a silly amount of research while planning our own ‘wedded bits’ for both our wedding celebrations, and so, I can spot technical weaknesses pretty quickly. Jame Moes, however, has some serious talent . I’m inclined to proper portraiture, that much is true. I also require proper use of a flash (no white shiny bits on face pleaseandthankyou), and realize the importance of proper post-processing if not using film. So, the list of artists is rather small.

It helps he’s from the Pacific Northwest. Nay, from Vancouver. My hometown. I’ll admit that this shot of Grouse Mountain — literally my backyard growing up, makes me verklempt.  Grey, fuzzy, yet vibrantly green. So close to my heart.

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