NYE Wedding // Vintage Metallics Inspiration

This post [and subsequent details!] are long overdue, as Charlie and Maria’s wedding happened this past New Years Eve. Alas, this is one of my favourite palette’s I’ve cooked up so far as it can go with so many different venues, be dressed up, or dressed down.

New Years Wedding Inspiration // Gold + Copper Metallics // by The Nouveau Romantics // Austin Wedding Planning and Event Design Studio

Maria came to me originally with some glam ideas, and we pared things down to get to the heart of their wedding—they wanted to have an elegant ballroom wedding that erred on the side of classic, but infuse it with enough details to ensure that their guests have a blast celebrating! The grouping of mixed metallics really helped set the tone, and their paper goods, florals, and little details really fell into place pretty effortlessly. Maria turned around and used this to send to her baker, the lighting crew, and even picked out noise makers and other details with this in mind. Which is exactly what they’re meant to do! These boards really provide that grounding item that you can refer to throughout the planning process to ensure that things stay cohesive.

Next up – the details! And some seriously glamorous bridal party shots.

row 1 {metallic stars from Martha Stewart Weddings, flowers by Saipua + photo by Tec Petaja via Once Wed,  macarons + pyramid truffles from Martha Stewart Weddings, bridal portrait by Tec Petaja via Once Wed} row 2 {bridal bouquet by Michaele Thunen + photo by Elizabeth Messina via Snippet and Ink} row 3 {I Love This Life from an unknown source, metallic dresses + cocktails + table setting from Martha Stewart Weddings} row 4 {reception photo of The Atlanta History Center via Cvent, cake photo from Martha Stewart Weddings, gold pinata by Confetti System} row 5 {confetti photo by Amelia Lyon via Bash, Please, invitation suite from Martha Stewart Weddings, clocks from Martha Stewart}

Summer in Seattle, Vancouver + Beyond!

Inspiration // The Nouveau Romantics

We’re heading north to Vancouver! Or at least this lady is – for the month of August. My dearest ML suggested that I go visit family and friends in August to escape the Texas heat and I suddenly found myself daydreaming of all the cabins of my childhood, and beyond.

To help offset travel costs, and because I love the challenge of travelling floristry, I put out a call for weddings in the Seattle / Vancouver / B.C area, waiving travel fees, and suddenly I have one, and possibly two booked! Anyone need a florist or event designer in a rather short time frame? I’m your gal! It looks like it might be from July 29th through end of August.

Know anyone? Pass this along! It’ll be fun to actually whip up some flowers outside and not worry about them instantly wilting in the Texas heat …. not to mention DAHLIAS!

I’m jazzed to re-visit all of my favourite places: Granville Island, the mountain hikes, seawall runs, sushisushisushi, Hornby Island, and all those family and friends I haven’t seen in, oh, five years? ‘Tis overdue, y’all. Very overdue!

Painting: Emily Carr, Big Raven, 1931. 

Kinfolk Dinner

The Kinfolk dinner that we participated in at the end of March was nothing short of perfect. The beautiful location at Johnson’s Backyard Garden, the people and the food were all a nice respite from the busy-ness that occupies most of my time slots. I ended up finding fellow Canadians Nathan [founder and editor of Kinfolk] and Kristopher Orr [the photographer for the evening] and we managed to get in some chatting about hockey, living in the US, work visas, and rugby. Of course.

Kinfolk Dinner // Austin, Texas // The Nouveau Romantics // Austin Wedding Planning and Event Design Studio

Kinfolk Dinner // Austin, Texas // The Nouveau Romantics // Austin Wedding Planning and Event Design Studio Read More

A Mountaintop Retreat

Mountain top cabinWedding season is flying high, with invitation suites and event design taking up every second of the day here — flowers will come soon, no doubt. Spring weather has morphed into what a northerner could consider summer here in Texas [80s and holding!], and I’m timid about the possibility that we might have another mighty, mighty hot summer just like last. My dearest husband mentioned that perhaps, if time and responsibilities allowed for it, that I take back off to Canada for part of August. I don’t know if it’s really feasible, but my West Coast heart sings at the prospect of a mountaintop retreat and slightly cooler temperatures.

Evergreen trees and purple flowers in the fog

To make matters worse, I came across these images of a lookout in Washington State and almost picked up and packed my bags north [west] immediately. Those mountains, that fog—all are etched into my brain from many summers past. I really hope I can make it work, at least for just a little bit. Read More

Kinfolk Dinner | Austin

Kinfolk Dinner Series austin kinfolk dinnerI suppose this is coming up rather quickly, now isn’t it? Kinfolk Magazine is hosting dinners across the country [and Canada! Hip, hip, hooray!] and this Saturday they’re coming here to Austin! We’re lucky enough to be collaborating with the great team involved, and we’ll be there to meet all the Austin Kinfolk dinner attendees to boot.

Below are some stunning images from last month’s Kinfolk dinner in Brooklyn to get the anticipating going. I’m so excited to meet the incredible guests who come out to celebrate everything Texas!

Kinfolk Dinner Series // Brooklyn

More photos after the jump!

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