Pinterest // Resource vs. Replica

The Nouveau Romantics // Using Pinterest as a Tool

Here’s a post that has been a topic of debate amongst colleagues, clients, friends, family, and within the studio: how can we harness the growing power of Pinterest, while allowing ourselves to challenge our creativity? What role does it, or perhaps should it have, within our event design work?

It’s a topic that garners many reactions, yet, when I think back to architecture school, it’s not that different from the hours we spent pouring over the large, glossy paged photo books of architects or artists — at least in terms of using it as a resource rather than a manual. Read More

Rhapsody in Blue

Inspired by Blues // The Nouveau Romantics

Here at TNR HQ, we’re falling hard for all the blue inspiration these days. Indigo, pacific, turquoise, french, and everything in between — it’s been a refreshing pause and a nice challenge to think about how this might expand into an events palette, for a number of reasons. It can be electric, or muted, it can have purple or green undertones, and the above quartet of images illustrate how we like to layer in these “bracketing” tones to flesh out a robust palette that definitively says Blue yet, isn’t all navy and white – you know?

We’ve also been thinking about how we might talk about how we would expand these inspiration photos into florals and other details, and questions or information that influence our approach to making design decisions for our events. And thus, without further ado … Read More