Where do Apps Fit into Wedding Tech?

Where do Apps Fit into Wedding Tech?

Wedding tech – either you or your fiance is on board and you’re game to optimize, centralize, and consolidate the many lists, or it’s one more thing that may feel overwhelming and fall into the “should do” pile. However, taking a step back, I think it’s important to remember that no one wants to another piece of technology to learn if the outcome doesn’t deliver in making our lives easier, or at the very least— simplifying our to-do list. (Both hands are up over here.)

In my personal opinion, any wedding tech options ought to hit these four things:

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Top 5 Pro Travel Tips for Your Wedding Guests

Top 5 Travel Tips for Wedding Guests by expert planners The Nouveau Romantics

In my experience, I often state that  90% of our clients are hosting destination weddings when in fact – if we really look at it – I don’t think we’ve ever seen a wedding that didn’t have a significant percentage of wedding guests traveling some distance.

Our criteria is short – these two questions:

1. Is a hotel block needed?
2. Are food / activity / transportation suggestions or coordination required?

Within that, it’s pretty obvious that 100%  of our weddings necessitate this, no matter how large or how local either side of the wedding may live. Inevitably, no matter where in the wedding planning process you are – our clients get the inevitable “do you have any ideas on where we should stay” and “how far is X town/hotel from the venue?” and so on and so on. Rinse, repeat.

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