“The Little Book of Wedding Checklists” is here!

After a fast and furious winter of writing, revising, and editing — my upcoming book “The Little Book of Wedding Checklists” is officially out for pre-sale here on Amazon US or Amazon Canada and drops July 7, 2020! While the world as we know it continues to shift rapidly right before our eyes, this book is a reminder for me that there exists much light alongside turmoil and change.

The Little Book of Wedding Checklists: An Expert Guide to Planning Your Wedding

What started out as a surprise project has grown into not just this book, but an upcoming podcast, and digital resource for engaged couples and more — it’s like the age old adage of “when you’re not out looking for [whatever “it” is], it finds you!” and this couldn’t be more true.

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Fall Wedding at the Woodstock Club in Indianapolis on Snippet & Ink | Part I

bride-groom-formal-portraits Autumn in IndianapolisWe’re happy to share that these two beautiful humans, Emma + Brian’s fall wedding at the Woodstock Club in Indianapolis is up on Snippet & Ink! October weddings in the midwest are exactly what so many brides dream of. Cool, crisp, and bursting with rich color. Emma and Brian were looking for a classic and sophisticated celebration that incorporated their love for all things Austin but brought it to the bride’s hometown of Indianapolis.

We began by creating a classic invitation suite with a custom crest, deep, red silk ribbon, and a gold wax seal featuring a classic calligraphy style from the talented hands of Samantha Martin at Curlicue Calligraphy. The burgundy color was carried throughout the wedding in the bridesmaid dresses, florals, and table settings. We then created depth and dimension in the florals by combining shades of blush pink and cream, along with touches of greenery that came out through the bridal bouquet, and personal flowers.

Finding a space to fit this elegant palette was easy for couple – Second Presbyterian Church, which was the bride’s childhood church and place of many family memories, also created the perfect wedding ceremony venue. With high vaulted ceilings, stained glass windows lining the walls and rows of dark wood church pews covered in a deep red velvet, it is a stately space that was truly stunning on it’s own.

How does one go about working with such a grand, stately wedding ceremony venue? Scale is key here, and our design perspective at The Nouveau Romantics is to compliment the natural beauty of this gorgeous ceremony venue than to compete with it.

Textural details such vines tenderly cascading from the aisle pews added a touch of nature inside, while allowing us to be strategic in the our floral budget — as Second Presbyterian Church’s sanctuary has two aisles, meaning the bride would arrive through one, and depart down the second. A singular “main aisle” design wouldn’t work, and it seemed like overkill to accessorize both. The couple and the bride’s parents decided to keep some of the bigger design moments for the wedding reception at the Woodstock Club!

Stay tuned for Part II where we’ll share photos of the reception. Thanks to the team of amazing vendors that helped us to make everything possible!


More photos after the jump!

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Wedding School by TNR: Introduction + More

I was on a flight to Dubai when I wrote this blog post introducing Wedding School by TNR and clearly couldn’t have anticipated what would unfold. As to be expected, this is perfectly timed as all of these ideas now have such a wider expanse of time and availability to implement — and I’m pretty jazzed about it!

Wedding School by TNR: Wedding Planning Videos for Engaged Couples. Free resource for couples looking for expert advice while planning their wedding.

[Full disclosure: I miss my studio, and yes, these videos are really high tech systems of my cell phone, that box, and a telescoping ladder. Proof that things don’t have to be hard, or complicated to get the job done. I’m preaching to myself here!]

How have you been doing, or feeling? How are you spending this time?

I’ve been taking more hikes, naps, cooking at home, making fresh juice, and practicing slowing down —- the amount of time I normally spend driving, or grocery shopping, or all the things has been replaced and re-balanced in really interesting ways. I’ve returned to things that I loved as a child – reading, watching old movies or shows (Little House on the Prairie, Charlie’s Angels circa 2000, Anne of Green Gables, thinking about diving into the Narnia books again) and just following my creative hunches. Dance parties. Zoom hangouts with my mastermind group and my nephews (not always at the same time). Contemplating putting on some French lessons or story-time for my nephews, or any of my friend’s kids. Why not? (I’m sure the parents would love a little co-parenting support / break, and I’m *great* in hour long chunks!)

What’s so unique is that this is the only point in our lifetimes that collectively, across the globe, everyone is affected, and everyone is on pause. Priorities are shifting, and I truly believe that whenever this pause is released, that the things that matter most —- hugging our people, spending time supporting small businesses, traveling to the places we keep putting off, are going to have such a different priority. Weddings have always mattered, but there will be a different air about them — to not take our people or time for granted, and to be present and drink in the beauty when we all gather together.

Our world is shifting — and while it feels like it’s through a scary and uncertain pathway — I choose to see the uncertainty as the compass that guides us into lands that we never thought possible, but always hoped for. We’re being put into “school” to relearn or rediscover things that we may have forgotten, or never learned. We will come out more connected and present, and our actions will align more specifically to our values.

The world is going to look different.

Yet, I’m excited for this life on the other side. In the meantime, I’ll be out embracing the little kid that’s always been there, but been itching to play. And since that girl runs full tilt down a hill, and is always dreaming up ways to play together — here are some ideas I want to throw out for you:

The below blog post, and Wedding School by TNR, is really created for you. I’ve also been thinking about how I can support, in real time, couples in the planning process in whatever way I can.

While I’ve got another platform in the works, in the meantime I’d love to support you by providing a free classroom style info session, structured around our foundational call and discussion points that we use with all of our clients. It’s an easy, interesting, and really supportive activity for both you and your partner (and any other figures who are involved in the wedding planning process) to go through and will be something you’ll refer back to during the process. If you’ve already started planning, it’s a great way to get back on track!

I’ll be offering this probably on a weekly basis, so email me at and mention “Wedding School” and I’ll shoot you all the info!

I’m thinking about starting a weekly webinar / teaching hour where I go over alllll the tips and tricks I’ve amassed about Pinterest, SEO, Instagram, etc from some of the best in the biz, all the way to mindset and journalling prompts just to share and be of service. Can be wedding industry people, can be creative / product businesses or not. Everyone can benefit from this!

I’ve had a big hunch to start teaching within the wedding and event community, and outside of it. So all you need to do is show up, bring your notebook, and get ready to stretch your brain a bit. Email me at and I’ll send you the weekly schedule.

And trumpets, drumroll …. 2020 has unofficially been declared as the year that I start sharing all of the time-won wisdom that I’ve gathered over the past 10 years as a wedding planner.

Suffice to say, welcome to the family, Wedding School! (Well, it’s really Wedding School by The Nouveau Romantics, but that’s a mouthful, so WEDDING SCHOOL it is, at least on this blog.)

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Engage!20 Dubai : 3 Take Aways for Engaged Couples & Entrepreneurs

NOTE: I know that it can feel implausible or impossible to do anything but focus on the reality that is unfolding in front of us across the world right now, but I also know that through 9/11, 2008, hurricane after hurricane and so many other natural disasters, is that IN the face of a crisis, it is exactly the moment that we humans can band together and the importance of gathering, celebration is even more important.

Obviously right now we’re being asked to stay home, stay safe, and reduce the impact of Coronavirus. It is imperative that we minimize the impact that this has on each other, allowing us to rebound as soon as we can. I’m of the firm opinion that these set backs are actually huge opportunities to refine, re-calibrate, and reconnect — we always bounce back, and weddings are no different. We’re doing our part to evaluate the scene for our clients and colleagues, and am always here for anything anyone might need — in person or virtually. In the meantime, I’m going to keep eating my Cadbury mini-eggs and take a moment to consider some big(er) picture thoughts all the way from the deserts of the Engage!20 Dubai.


Video by Derek Chan Films

Engage!2020 kicked off the year in Dubai last week, marking the 30th Engage! since it’s inception and I wanted to take a moment to share the 3 biggest take aways from my time there for both wedding professionals and couples and families planning weddings.

I recently attended my first Engage! this past December in Mexico at the Nizuc Resort in Playa del Carmen, and found myself signing up for the Dubai session this past March 3-5th, 2020. Out of the three options offered in 2020, Dubai called to me as it was being hosted at the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest skyscraper — a  blast the past as I spent 4 years in the marketing department at SOM, the architecture firm that designed it. I figured, what better time to see it in person? I also believe that experiencing cultures and places through travel is important for me to better understand the global world of destination weddings, as well as a huge source of creative inspiration.

A quick background: for those wondering, Engage! Conference was created by Kathryn Arce and Rebecca Grinnels as a place for the wedding industry to come together to share, connect, and educate themselves across the board by some of the best in the industry. They host a 3-4 conferences each year, highlighting different properties around the world.

After spending a week sitting with the experience and reviewing my pages of notes from the general sessions, here are my biggest take aways:

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