A Mountaintop Retreat

Mountain top cabinWedding season is flying high, with invitation suites and event design taking up every second of the day here — flowers will come soon, no doubt. Spring weather has morphed into what a northerner could consider summer here in Texas [80s and holding!], and I’m timid about the possibility that we might have another mighty, mighty hot summer just like last. My dearest husband mentioned that perhaps, if time and responsibilities allowed for it, that I take back off to Canada for part of August. I don’t know if it’s really feasible, but my West Coast heart sings at the prospect of a mountaintop retreat and slightly cooler temperatures.

Evergreen trees and purple flowers in the fog

To make matters worse, I came across these images of a lookout in Washington State and almost picked up and packed my bags north [west] immediately. Those mountains, that fog—all are etched into my brain from many summers past. I really hope I can make it work, at least for just a little bit.

View from inside cabin looking at snowy mountain peaks

Mountaintop cabin under starry sky

All images by John David Hascup via Flickr.