A New Year + A New Change

So, 2012 year-in-review post? Nada. This does not diminsh the fact that last year was ┬ásingle-handedly the most amazing, difficult, challenging, yet transforming year for The Nouveau Romantics. While our growth has been something I’ve worked hard for since our beginnings, I think the past year forced me to re-evaluate what and how we operate, and determine the best course for our future. A new year set the path for best foot foward, so to speak.

The most┬ánoticeable┬áchange? We officially offer full service planning and production. Yes, it’s true! Though on many scales we’ve always offered this, now, we officially have the staff to support this shift, and have re-worked our scope of services to reflect this! We will still offer florals, event design, and paper goods, but now we can positively support all aspects of our clients throughout the planning period and into their wedding day. It’s a big job, but I’m excited to finally put the package together with a big, beautiful [velvet?] bow.

The Nouveau Romantics Team // Austin Wedding Planning and Event Design Studio

Finally, these ladies above? They’ve made this year worth it. Through thick and thin, late night Indian take-out, wind storms and melting florals, they’ve been there. I, personally, cannot thank them enough for helping make this year a resounding, tremendous, success. [Also not pictured, a lot of other personalities that were also quite critical to all our events. Thank you!]

We look forward to all that 2013 holds.

Image by Heather Curiel Photography.

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