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Modern City Wedding Inspiration | Dualities + Dreamscapes

Inspiration comes to me in flashes, while I’m driving or otherwise minding my own business – and the beginnings of this architecturally-inspired modern city wedding inspiration was no different. [LA driving is very conducive to conference calls and creative flashes, FYI.]

I’ve been thinking a lot about my beginnings in the architecture world – what I was drawn to during school, my aesthetic sensibilities, the architects and designers that were my go-to for starting points in my design process[Luis Barragan, John Pawson, Carlos Scarpa to name just a few] . What has been the most inspiring part of this year has been the slow realization that these warm, nostalgic memories of designers and buildings can find their way into my process and inspiration for client’s weddings and other events. In a snap, my old life and current reality slammed into one another with a really exciting boom.

And so, this inspiration was born out of that curiosity to explore how the lines, shadow, and absolute of architectural profiles can play with [my perpetual love of] soft, feminine fabrics and the wild and free florals. An exploration of the dualities of materials, shadows, and textures – none of these are a singular thing, and I think we can gain a lot as designers by pushing past a singular facet of each.

Modern White City Wedding Inspiration by Design and Wedding Planning Experts The Nouveau Romantics

As an actual event, I see this translating into a wedding in a modern city warehouse, or the whitewashed buildings of Greece or Tulum, or even a casual off-shoot as a welcome dinner or birthday party. I see this style complimenting those that are drawn to clean bright, natural or modern spaces in their lives, and have an appreciation of modern design. [Hint: think of your favourite restaurant spaces, stores, or coffee shops – those are often really good hints at where you feel drawn to and most comfortable in.]

I was clear that I wanted to use very little colour, instead layering shades of white, cream, the barest hint of blush with shadows of grey to create that stark contrast. These subtleties and contrast really prove to me why layering is such an important element of my/our work: it provides context and dimension in so many ways – from fabrics, to flowers, to acrylic blocks. I’m a passionate advocate of going beyond the typical two-color wedding palette, and this inspiration shows the richness that is created when you gather together a symphony of colours and textures instead of relying on a solo or duo. Ya dig?

There’s a team that put all of this into practice and created something imperfect, but perfectly magical. All of those final images coming soon kittens.


An Interview with Samantha Jensen of Bricolage Curated Florals

The Nouveau Romantics interview Samantha Jensen of Bricolage Curated Florals - Image by Leah Overstreet

If you’ve spent any time in Austin searching out the best food (and who hasn’t??), you’ve probably also seen Samantha Jensen’s work. Besides creating arrangements for incredible weddings and events (and occasionally lending a hand to our in-house floral team), she also builds arrangements for some of the raddest restaurant and hotel accounts throughout Austin. Today we sit down with Sam to learn more about her creative process, building a small business, and get some advice on taking the leap.

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Spring Blue Wedding Inspiration for The Wild Onion Ranch

Spring Blue Wedding Inspiration at The Wild Onion Ranch | Design by The Nouveau Romantics. Destination Wedding Planners for the fashion-forward and well-travelled couple

We’re always game to combine opposites — and this Spring blue wedding inspiration for a wonderful family at The Wild Onion Ranch just south of Austin, Texas is no exception. It’s got that sophisticated simplicity that we love, mixing dusty blues and muted pinks for a couple who wants a refined elegance but including the whimsy of playfulness of Austin where they reside.

Proof that just because your wedding venue might skew towards a certain style, you can always turn it on its head, or contrast it with a different yet complimentary quality. Wild Onion Ranch definitely has some Texan “ranch” qualities, but with a lot of terracotta tones and nature that allowed us to bring in these softer wedding colors. Not to mention, we are always up for refreshing takes on pastel spring weddings! 

row 1: {table setting, photo by Rylee Hitchner; ceremony, photo by Nessa K; wildflower aisle, photo by Leo Patronewatercolor invitations, photo by Jose Villa} row 2: {grey bridesmaids dresses, photo by Brett Heidebrechtslate name cards, photo by Kate Osborne; cake, photo via Kirsten Strecker; pears, photo via Yummly; Nebbiolo lettering; floral arrangement, photo via Saipua} row 3: {table scene, photo by Jose Villa; rhubarb mojito; floral arrangement, photo by Jose Villa; bouquet, photo by Jen Huang; navy invitations, photo by Jose Villa; getaway, photo by Jenny DeMarco}

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