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State of the Union : Evolution

The Nouveau Romantics // Creative Business Evolution

There is a scribbled piece of paper in my kitchen here in LA that holds the title “State of the Union” and a bunch of mashed up business-oriented blog ideas that are clamoring for my attention, antsy to get out. Ideas that have sat on the back burner for far too long, been kept silent for months, years, and finally — after a phone call with a wise industry sage two weeks ago — I gave myself permission to own up to this raw authenticity and the reality and evolution of where The Nouveau Romantics sits.

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The Unique CAMP // Collaboration + Community

The Unique Camp // Creative Business Conference Liz here, returning to reality after spending last weekend in Big Bear, California at Sonja Rasula’s brainchild Adult-Summer-Camp-Creative-Business-Summit, also known as the Unique CAMP. After a busy winter and spring season, I wanted to take some time to expand my perspective, shake things up a bit, and hear from other business professionals within the creative field. And I did, x1000. [I’m a long-time summer camp graduate + ex-staff, so this is totally my jam. And I mean, Whitney was going, there was an epic last-night dance party, and they take away your cell phone for four days. Easiest decision ever.]

While I’m still digesting everything that happened, not to mention all that I learned, there were two theme that struck me from the experience: Read More

Pinterest // Resource vs. Replica

The Nouveau Romantics // Using Pinterest as a Tool

Here’s a post that has been a topic of debate amongst colleagues, clients, friends, family, and within the studio: how can we harness the growing power of Pinterest, while allowing ourselves to challenge our creativity? What role does it, or perhaps should it have, within our event design work?

It’s a topic that garners many reactions, yet, when I think back to architecture school, it’s not that different from the hours we spent pouring over the large, glossy paged photo books of architects or artists — at least in terms of using it as a resource rather than a manual. Read More