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Pinterest // Resource vs. Replica

The Nouveau Romantics // Using Pinterest as a Tool

Here’s a post that has been a topic of debate amongst colleagues, clients, friends, family, and within the studio: how can we harness the growing power of Pinterest, while allowing ourselves to challenge our creativity? What role does it, or perhaps should it have, within our event design work?

It’s a topic that garners many reactions, yet, when I think back to architecture school, it’s not that different from the hours we spent pouring over the large, glossy paged photo books of architects or artists — at least in terms of using it as a resource rather than a manual. Read More

TNR Retreat // What We Believe

The Nouveau Romantics // Austin Wedding Planner

 It’s not January anymore, but we finally had our first (!) annual TNR retreat which did include: lots of talking, an amazing review of our last four years, milestones, marketing, operations and pain points. It did not include: any s’mores, hiking, or early morning waffles. The latter had been part of the plan, but due to a small detail called SXSW, any rentable house within a 2 hour vicinity of Austin was booked.

Next year: the beach! Or Marfa. Or somewhere that allows dogs, and has amazing food. And a firepit. Priorities!

That being said, one of our main goals was to distill our “WHY?” — also known as our mission statement. We’re exceptionally well-versed in explaining the What and the How of what we do, as that is often the bread and butter of our first client interactions, but the Why goes beyond that. It asks the questions of “why do we get up in the morning, every morning, and do what we do on a daily basis?” and “what motivates us beyond the usual suspects?” —- what are our core values that drive us to be better designers, planners, allies, confidantes and list-makers? This video of TED Talk by Simon Sinek is one that Matt, my patient husband and business-loving nerd has been talking about for months. It’s a good one for all your small-business owners out there: Read More

Beyonce and Creative Inspiration

Beyonce’s new self-titled album came out Friday [I’ll be honest – I saw the Twitter notes, but didn’t really get the whole picture until I finally watched the videos over the weekend] and I’m amazed at how much the visual aspects via the videos add to the entire experience. In turn, this got me thinking about the power of visuals in communication.

Which is to say, visual images are one of the most critical components in how I see and process the world, how I visualize ideas, and how we ultimately work to communicate with our clients. [Side note: I process things through images, and I often imagine various scenarios in comic book form, complete with stick figures. A little bizarre, right?]

These personal videos that Beyonce put out explaining the “why?” behind her overall intention, specifically this first one for her newest album, are some of the most thought-provoking. This snippet especially:

“I see music. It’s more than just what I hear. When I’m connected to something, I immediately see a visual or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or a emotion. A memory of my childhood. Thoughts about life, my dreams, or my fantasies, and their all connected to my music.” Read More

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