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Spring Bridal Inspiration from BHLDN Bridal Photoshoot

Spring Bridal Inspiration // Photoshoot // Florals by The Nouveau Romantics // Austin Wedding Planning and Event Design StudioA quick throw back to a BHLDN bridal photoshoot from this past February, which, is an amazing month for flowers for those interested. [We’d love to have more February weddings! Let’s start a trend!] Jennifer Nichols of The Nichols Photography organized us all at Le San Michele [a low key venue south of Austin], with gowns from BHLDN, hair by Shannon Briggs Hack, make-up by Maris Malone Calderon, and flowers and styling by us.

It ended up being a slow-paced afternoon where we all chatted, worked, and maybe received a free trim from Shannon. The poppies, sweet peas and Japanese ranunculus were so incredible that I ended up opting to just bunch them together, which would be such an amazing and elegant option for a bridal bouquet!

Spring Bridal Inspiration // Photoshoot // Florals by The Nouveau Romantics // Austin Wedding Planning and Event Design Studio

This shoot was featured on Green Wedding Shoes and A Practical Wedding on Meg’s post about what her wedding would look like nowadays [which is something we should definitely try out here!]. More images after the jump: Read More

Musical Musing | Moments of Perfection

The sunset, blazing red, orange, yellow — stretching across the sky with the sun, a ball of fire, just behind the tree tops. I cursed not having my camera, or even my phone to document such a sight. The beat of the song from the local radio station picked up and I squinted my eyes at the perfection of it all.

Such fantastic music from these kids from Seattle, The Head and the Heart. And they’re coming to ACL to play Sunday Sept 18 – and tickets are still available. Fate?

*I find it ironic that I’m loving this video, full of snow and winter chill, while it’s a solid 99F here in Austin at 9pm.

Thoughts | Family

Today marks many firsts, and many continuing traditions: a first day of work for my partner-in-crime ML at a new and awesome architecture firm here in Austin, our pup’s unofficial-official birthday [they found him in a box, in a field, out in the Hill Country, and I think mis-read their birth dates by a month or so, so we’re giving him July 11], and my beloved sister-in-laws wedding anniversary, which is weighty for another set of reasons.

Other family changes are afoot, including my baby brother’s engagement [above*] and their Moroccan wedding plans for next March, as well as a potential move in town for my little family, a real studio space, and [the clincher] more storage.

Things seem to picking up speed as we hurtle towards fall wedding season here in Texas — which is fantastic for my little business — but necessitates a real, deliberate, attitude towards spending time with family and friends. That’s my goal.

And, you know, posting on the blog some more.**

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Travel Edition // East Coast Loop

Travel Edition // East Coast Loop // The Nouveau Romantics // Austin Wedding Planning and Event Design Studio

We all think that 6+ weeks of travel would be a blast right? And somewhere along the line, we may have forgotten that we’ve grown up a little, no longer the college-age backpacker, and really, we actually just prefer our own bed? When planning this trip, I seemed to sidestep that little fact. I think I need to stick to shorter forays next time. I really do love my own bed.

These thoughts make themselves apparent as I’m sitting in the warm New York City sun, anxiously looking forward to my return to Austin tomorrow afternoon. After this two-and-a-half week East Coast loop that saw Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island [Anne of Green Gables rejoice!], my littlest brother graduating, said littlest brother and girlfriend become engaged [!!!happydance!!!], many delicious meals out in NYC, client meetings for east coast fall weddings, a little personal shopping, and general basking in all that is the big apple … I think I’m ready to head southwest. This face seems to be calling my name, and I’m a total sucker for those ‘sad eyes’.

Gus, the Moose // The Nouveau Romantics // Austin Wedding Planning and Event Design Studio

More updates to come this week, as well as an official blogging plan that hopefully, will rectify this whole lackadaisical schedule of mine as of late.

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