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Round Up | Boston Bound

Austin Wedding Venue // The Nouveau RomanticsIt’s officially the end of the first week of September, and we’ve been busy driving up a storm to venues, ranches, and scoping out all the details for our fall and early 2014 weddings. The Texas highway in 104F heat is quite the sight, and the most recent death of our clutch + gear shift system in the VW thankfully happened¬†after a ranch trip 2.5 hours away, rather than right in the middle of it!¬†I’m Boston bound tomorrow for four days of family time with my in-laws, boat rides to Martha’s Vineyard, along with much needed runs along the Charles’ River, poking around Cambridge, and enjoying some R&R. [and some high 70sF weather! High five East Coast, you’re looking GOOD!]

Hannah and Caitlin are holding down the fort, keeping us all organized and on task, and it’s amazing to think back on exactly what and where I was this time last year, and where we are now. We have a fantastic group of ladies [and gentlemen] that help us out, and I’m grateful for all those that are now part of our little den of creatives. I’m almost most excited about getting the fall season rolling to see all our people again!

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Secret Garden + Weekly Round-Up

French Artist Claire Basler // Weekly Round-Up// via The Nouveau Romantics

It’s been a busy week around here! Prepping for fall weddings, venue hunting for Spring brides (catch us on instagram!), while plotting out some perfectly cool recipes for summer eating. I get to be home alone with the dogs this week, and plan on partaking in some of my more obscure food inclinations while the husband is out of town.

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