Celebrating Alongside Uncertainty

Thoughts on why we celebrate alongside undertainty

Food for thought, thinking-piece today, kittens:

How do we choose to celebrate, and what does that really mean as a community of family, friends, loved ones, during uncertain [politically, economically, socially] times? This conversation popped up last week, however, it’s been a recurring theme that I’ve spoken about with many friends, colleagues, advisors, over the past two years.

The truth of the matter? We all react and respond to so many factors that exist in our lives, taking the very things that seem out-of-control [the 2008 market crash, the social and society violence that seems to be erupting across the US and the world, the American political landscape] and adjusting how we react and respond to the things in our lives that we do have control over.

But think about that for a second: how have you, how have I, reacted to the things in the recent year, two years, and what does this feel like in our bodies? The overwhelming response that I hear around me is: fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of the future. Fear of the what ifs. Anger.  Anger of what is happening that seems unjust, unfair, and to be honest – unfathomable that it is 2017 and we’re seeing the same historic themes pop up. Again. Helplessness. Helplessness in the face of so many things that seem so far beyond our ability to affect change. And so, we hunker down – in every way possible.

Now let’s flip it all upside down, asking “What’s on the other side of this?” [my favorite question, by the way.]  What if this is an opportunity to gather together tighter, to hold each other closer, to give hugs, smiles, and kind compliments to strangers? No matter what end of the political and social spectrum you lay, I believe that there is a fundamental basic human right that unites us far beyond anything that happens today, tomorrow, or the in the next 100 years. Love. All of us share love, and within it, compassion, empathy, and the ability to listen and connect.

What if this period of uncertainty is simultaneously a call for us to draw our people closer, to extend our circle wider, to listen, to love, to witness each other in a much more powerful way? How would that shift things for you, me, and everyone around us?

What if our world is asking us to shed away the layers of inauthenticity, to show our vulnerability, and to love more openly?  A wise woman reminded me that conflict is the cry to draw closer: and so, I ask: what if we use this period of conflict, uncertainty, and the unknown to draw closer to one another?

We may spend our days hashing out the details, logistics, and production plans for weddings, but I’ll repeat it until I’m blue in the face: I’m here because the opportunity to celebrate the basic human condition of loving one another, in the face of everything is the thing that lights my heart on fire. And what better antidote to these uncertain times than to band together and celebrate that.

Because at the end of the day, every person desires to be seen and heard, and loved just as they are. And I genuinely believe that love is really all there really is.

And which do you choose?

[Photo by Belathee, of a sweet moment between Amanda and Bradley.]


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