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The Nouveau Romantics // Creative Business Evolution

There is a scribbled piece of paper in my kitchen here in LA that holds the title “State of the Union” and a bunch of mashed up business-oriented blog ideas that are clamoring for my attention, antsy to get out. Ideas that have sat on the back burner for far too long, been kept silent for months, years, and finally — after a phone call with a wise industry sage two weeks ago — I gave myself permission to own up to this raw authenticity and the reality and evolution of where The Nouveau Romantics sits.

The biggest fear I have if I really lay everything bare is: what might happen if I say what I really think? What I really feel? If I ask the hard questions and let potential clients, or better yet, the entire world, know that — gasp — this well-oiled machine of The Nouveau Romantics is an imperfect vehicle of creation, and is constantly evolving? I can only speak for myself when I say that in growth comes a lot of mistakes. Fuck ups. Messy failures. Probably some tears along the highway while driving U-hauls right before tires blow up. The perfectionist in me would much rather shush those feelings away, put them in the cabinet and keep the tears to a minimum.

[The crowd giggles.]

This journey has been what I can imagine having a child is like. Heart soaring successes alongside the deepest and rawest of failures. And in so many ways starting, tending, and supporting a business is truly creating a new life. Last fall amidst a moment of immense courage and a willingness to finally choose the best path for me and my business, a friend gave me this metaphor: “Your business is like a baby. What it needs when it’s an infant, and who tends to its infant ways is much different than what and who it needs as a five-year-old. Would you take her nanny to sit beside her on her first day of kindergarten? No? Exactly.”  My TNR baby is growing up!

I suppose this is to say that I’m committing myself and this space to be one that embraces the authentic, genuine, messy, exciting, empowering and celebratory parts of this business/baby/life. Because when I really sit on that — there are so many analogies and connections between The Nouveau Romantics as a business, as a creative outlet, as a community of hands creating magical experiences, and each event as a whole for every one of our clients. It’s all connected.

It always is.

Photo by the inimitable James Moes.

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