Holiday Cheer

Meet pretty flowers. They’re about to get the royal treatment and I am so happy to return to them. A nice little dose of holiday cheer, don’t you think?

[Yes, our bedroom is the coldest room in our house. Awesome.]

Also, my long-awaited holiday goal: breakfast, coffee [+egg nog], and Canadian House & Home mag. Ever since the demise of Domino, this has been a go-to. Surprising, I know. They manage to mix modern and traditional in way that make me reconsider my own design inclinations. I really, really, really want a subscription as most stores down in Austin don’t seem to carry them, or else, I don’t go to the right stores. Ah well.

Also also: cara cara season is upon us. GO pink navel oranges, GO! [perfect for breakfast, snack, or especially delicious on a salad with toasted hazelnuts and grapefruit vinaigrette from The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook.]

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