James Moes

It’s rare that I sit up and really dig into a wedding photographer’s work. I did a silly amount of research while planning our own ‘wedded bits’ for both our wedding celebrations, and so, I can spot technical weaknesses pretty quickly. Jame Moes, however, has some serious talent . I’m inclined to proper portraiture, that much is true. I also require proper use of a flash (no white shiny bits on face pleaseandthankyou), and realize the importance of proper post-processing if not using film. So, the list of artists is rather small.

It helps he’s from the Pacific Northwest. Nay, from Vancouver. My hometown. I’ll admit that this shot of Grouse Mountain — literally my backyard growing up, makes me verklempt.  Grey, fuzzy, yet vibrantly green. So close to my heart.

He’s in Seattle these days, but I hope some of my hometown folk can take advantage of his skills. Such a gem. More on his blog.

*All images courtesy of James Moes, clearly.

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