Links We Love

It’s Friday, and with that — some links we love to head into the weekend! Let’s start it all off with some positive vibes.

Links We Love // Sarah Winward's Floral Design Studio // Gardenista

1. Sarah Winward’s beautiful studio was featured on Gardenista. We’d be your studio-mates in a heart beat if we lived in the same city!

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Links We Love // Good Design Makes Me Happy // Tilin Cacao Branding

2. Tilin Cacao’s new branding, via Good Design Makes Me Happy. Those colors!

Links We Love // Jose Villa on The Define SchoolJose Villa’s “What I Have To Say” inspiring post over at The Define School. One of my favorite quotes?

“I like that I didn’t have any magic answers at the beginning of my career and was not influenced by anyone telling me what was right or wrong or what I should or shouldn’t do. I didn’t like to hear the shortcuts- nothing against shortcuts in this life and in the industry, but I needed to live and breathe the ups and downs. It has made me a better photographer and a better person and I would not change that one bit.”

Some food for thought for everyone — regardless if you’re in the wedding industry, a creative, or even in the business world. Just general, all-around good advice!