Mondays. A little tough to push through, and I’m still adjusting to a new schedule and a slew of new weekly demands. In this spirit, I’m looking forward to the bright spots of the day, to the things I’m looking forward to in the next couple of months. Somehow I’ve grown to become a ‘glass half-full’ person, and I find it easier to find the good things to help motivate me. I’m not sure how this happened …

1. I’m neck deep in getting some professional business cards done (letterpress! patterns! 220# lettra crane. delish.) and these stopped me in my tracks. I still contemplate creating a line of blind embossed cards and what not – I’m a total texture fiend and the paper they used for this is so incredible. [by Studio on Fire‘s blog Beast Pieces.]

2. I’m flying out east [very very East!] to see my brother graduate from a program in Nova Scotia in June. You know, Canada. Home of Ashley MacIsaac, the nutso fiddler from the Vancouver Olympic opening ceremony, beautiful ocean scenery, and probably some seafood. I’m so excited as I don’t get to see my siblings often, and it means a sort of “real” vacation that I haven’t had in … a while. Maybe a little trip to PEI? Yeah, I loved Anne of Green Gables as a kid. Guilty as charged. Hilarious the things my native land is known for. [Image via Rob Huntley]

3. I’m working on some collaborations with my favorite local photographer and I am so beyond excited to see how they evolve. I could get lost in ideas forever, but this image has been burned into my brain. Totally timeless, achingly beautiful. [The ever masterful Elizabeth Messina]

I’m so counting on welcoming spring in Texas as soon as she wants to ride into town.