New Kids on the Block | The Nouveau Romantics Open LA Office

The Nouveau Romantics Open LA Office

Newsflash: The Nouveau Romantics open LA office. [I mean really, who could pass up the sunny, diverse, and bustling land of Los Angeles? Not us.] Welcome SoCal / destination brides /  entrainment industry  /community collaborations / any, all of the above! End stop.

I’m a big observer: when someone looks you in the eye when they speak, if they look down when they’re struggling to find the right words to say, or the wink that gives you the go ahead — I’m curious about the world around me, and the people in it. This is a long way of saying that while LA and Southern California may have popped up in our social media feed, some industry friends confirmed that I need to formally announce it. Insert me standing on a block, circus-announcer style, handing out donuts, tacos to all of you lovely people.

As I said in this State of the Union / TNR Evolution 2016/17 post last fall, life meanders forward, change happens, things grow. Sometimes change is scary, but this is something I’m really excited about, and have deep faith is a good move on our part. However, some questions inevitably pop up:

Are we still doing Austin / Texas events? Yes, always.
Where is our staff? Austin, soon-to-be-the-east coast, and now, LA.
What prompted the change? This business baby is growing up, whether I truly understood how or not. The Nouveau Romantics has a lot of exciting expansion that will see our creative powers and imagination applied to many exciting stages / venues in the future. Hold tight.

I’ve noticed a really strong push that has our clients from NYC/LA wanting to get married in Austin, or from Austin and looking at other locations, which has continued to grow stronger with each year. This LA studio allows us to service them, directly, locally here in California, while applying our knowledge and expertise to outdoor / private property events to a complimentary market. Fun fact: approximately 90% of our clientele are destination weddings regardless of where they happen, so our work flow has evolved into one that capitalizes on digital collaboration and communication tools, with key in-person meetings. This allows us to work anywhere, with anyone, on anything really. That’s pretty amazing!

There’s more to say, but this serves as our quick wave “HOLA!” to the LA community. Drop us a line, we’d love to give you an awkwardly long hug and grab a taco or three.


[I’m writing this as I’m on a flight to NYC, from 72 hours in Austin for a client meeting, and then back to LA. It’s possible! United is going to love me!]

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