NYC Bound

NYC Bound // The Nouveau Romantics

I’m NYC bound today, to a city I know so well—like the back of my hand—and yet not at all. It’s been over a year since I’ve been back and I’ve got a certifiable itch, which is a rather expensive itch to scratch. ML is joining me for the weekend, as he hasn’t been back since we moved from its hallowed avenues over two years ago. Plenty of eating will take place, as well, no doubt, meeting of floral minds. Excited doesn’t even begin to touch it.

This quote still stays with me, from a long off NY Times article:

“My dawn moment with the skyline is a moment every New Yorker knows, when the demanding city suddenly gives back, yields beauty from its pounding restlessness, grants some miracle of iron and light, and in so doing summons the energy and civility that has helped set things right.”

I love that first glimpse of the skyline. It does me in every time.

[Image via The Nouveau Romantics’ 2007 iphone.]

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