Something Sweet

They asked if I wanted to begin a business baking cupcakes. I reminded them I live in a 700 square-foot cabin with an unreliable oven. This was in deep contrast to their 400-square-foot kitchen with two well-behaved ovens I used while cranking out 150 cupcakes in a morning. This effort, for their daughter’s wedding — and a very dear friend of mine — was a very happy labor of love. Dark chocolate cupcakes with nutella buttercream. Orange-scented cupcakes with grand marnier buttercream. All tried, tested, and true. Lauren chose the cupcake wrappers (perfect for the two architects), added her signature touch — those little candy baubles. Pearls, of course.

[Image from the wedding / shot by the husband and wife duo at Scobey Photography, Graham and Ashley. They’re really really nice folks.]

My family provides for one another and shows their love for one another through food. Only in the last seven years or so (since I learned how to bake a potato in a microwave while not letting it explode) have I taken up this cause with gusto. It makes me happy to feed the people I love.

**I still love cupcakes at weddings despite their overwhelming popularity, mostly because I get a full piece of cake that I don’t have to share with anyone, nor run the risk of getting a side piece and too much icing. The icing to cupcake ratio is the critical point. Case closed.