The Old Fashioned Way

Hot diggity, I’m back— yesssssss! I’ve been stuck in paper-writing mode as my moonlighting career as a phd-bound student does require some effort at times. Nothing like writing about railroad station architecture as the “cathedral of the industrial revolution” or how the phenomenology of architecture relates to Jesuit theology. Totally captivating, yes? I thought so. Moving on.

Better news is that my life is essay-less for the next five weeks and I’m not sure I’ve looked forward to this kind of break with such awe in a very, very long time.  I feel like I can actually go to happy hour, run the town lake trails [above], heck finally finish painting our ramshackle kitchen. It feels like I’m coming out of hibernation. Glorious!

Next, and lastly, I came across this quote and it strikes me at the right time. As my little design studio starts to get its bearings, I have a couple of prospective works in the pipeline for 2011 that I’m really psyched about. What continually amazes me is how much gusto and total wide-eyed jittery babble (read: excitement) I get when I start on possible ideas. I really love this. And so when Liene talks about the importance of developing experience, expertise the old fashioned way:

My friend Ali Phillips always jokes that she is going to start a workshop called “How to Make Money the Old Fashioned Way: By Working Your Ass Off.” If there are any secrets to success in business, that one is it. Take advantage of opportunities when they come your way. Check your pride at the door. Things may not get easier, but you’ll find that you suddenly have a lot more “luck.”

I completely subscribe to this 100%. If my tenure at uber-corporate-nyc-architecture-firm has taught Matt and I anything, it’s the importance of professionalism and working your ass off. Both are so so so important in any kind of business situation, no matter who you’re dealing with. Although I may have giggled a bit as I thought, “wait, some folks think there’s any other way?”.

Fun things coming up this week! Happy to be back in the blogging seat.

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