United, indeed.

I came across this yesterday via Ellie at Mint, and was dumbstruck at how brilliantly simple, yet incredibly profound it is. (Has it made enough internet rounds that I’m being a touch redundant? I can’t tell…) As a Canadian, I’ll admit to having a bit of a love-hate relationship with the US – mostly love of course, but there have definitely been moments when I am totally perplexed and infuriated at certain facets of the American way. However, the notion of patriotism is something that I find fascinating – not because I lack any towards my own homeland (in fact, I find that I’m even more proud of my Canuck heritage nowadays) – but that us northerners don’t have nearly the same kind of outspoken (that, I think, is they key) pride in our nationality. I suppose the stereotype of friendly, docile Canada is somewhat true. Quiety proud, we are.

Moving on –  these posters, to me, refer to something about America that I’m inspired by, while also signaling that despite the many differing beliefs and opinions, that a country, united, is a powerful thing.

“States United” by Gregory at beauchamping via etsy. Or as a letterpress poster for the more affordable option.

Lovely, indeed.