Vendor Friends // The McKellars Wedding Cinema

When choosing wedding vendors, I’d say it’s pretty important to choose people who actually enjoy what they do and aren’t just doing it to get by. Enter The McKellars, the husband-and-wife cinematography duo that just love to capture your wedding day on film. Vanessa studied film at the University of Texas, specifically to be a wedding videographer, and once she graduated she launched her own business. Isn’t that the kind of passion you want from a vendor?

Initially Vanessa flew solo for a while, then met her now-husband Brent, and in their post-wedding bliss, she recruited him to join forces with her. [Side note: this happens all the time in the wedding industry! Wives / husbands: look out!] We’ve had the pleasure of working with the McKellars twice now, and another client just booked them for their wedding this fall. We’re (very) eagerly awaiting the Super8 film from January’s ranch wedding (you know, the one with Jose Villa?). The third video below is a little snippet of Allie + Brett’s gorgeous greenhouse-inspired wedding at Barr Mansion from this past December.

The McKellars are versatile — they can shoot in either vintage Super8 film like the video above, or digital like the other two videos.

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