Wedded Bits: A Dress for City Hall

The search for a fun, flirty (and preferably ruffly) dress for ML and I’s upcoming October New York City Hall ceremony started with my usual gusto and verve for internet scouring. I covered many of my first choices here, and now I am happy to announce that the finalists were ordered, examined, and a winner declared! ML implored me to keep the final selection a secret, but considering that a good friend of mine sighed, and then announced “I know exactly which one you picked. I do know you that well – and I mean, you love ruffles”.  And I clearly cannot keep a secret for the life of me – especially one that involves white frilly things.

I will also admit, slightly sheepishly, that my grand plans to search and search and search some more for the most perfect dress was cut short by a) budget, b) time, and c) my attention span. (And maybe those pesky shipping charges.) Regardless, I managed to finagle a very “Manhattan Bride Does City Hall” dress that is the perfect combination of short, ruffles, and screams “Party Dress!”.

The contenders:

[Top Row left to right: Phoebe Couture; JCrew Cecilia; Nicole Miller. Bottom row left to right: Jessica Simpson for Macy’s (teeth grinding, but cute! also not in peach but ivory); JCrew Robin; Phoebe Couture, redux.]

And the winner is?

Was it more than a bit obvious with all those ruffle hints? The last Phoebe Couture won out, even though everyone’s (mine, ML’s, my patient and opinionated email entourage) initial opinions of a one shouldered aspect were a bit iffy. However, the length is perfect, the neckline flattering (the Jessica Simpson dress was a little more va-va-voom Marilyn Monroe-esque on me) and although I need to get it fitted just a touch, I think the final outcome will be so much fun to wear! Now onto the rest of the details:

the Shoes: as listed, from the trusty JCrew that I already own, and are a reasonable height lest I tower of ML. (I’m not a big fan of towering.)

the Flowers: all three are examples from my monster crush-worthy Sara at Saipua’s incredible work. Her ability to create these little bits of perfection that combine artful whimsy, incredible texture, and  creative mixtures of unusual (not necessarily expensive) flowers is exactly what I’m looking for. I mean, if money were no object, I’d fly her down to Austin for our 2010 shindig; alas, I’ll take a small bouquet this year. Of course I’ll continue to shamelessly stalk her blog for more ideas for my own foray into flower arranging for said shindig.

the Accessories: now here is where things get sticky thanks to the fashion-forward one shouldered dress. I’m inclined to wear my hair up, with earrings, no necklace and maybe something little and fun in the hair. However, I’m at a bit of a loss for the specifics or a direction to go in. Also, what on this good earth am I to wear to keep myself warm if it’s a bit chilly? Most jackets won’t sit properly, and a shrug is a bit off … anyone have any ideas? Should I consult the internet’s favorite blogger stylist (even though she’s across the world?). I’m open to new, vintage, reused items…

Of course there are some other details still brewing: I’m contemplating whether to hire a photographer for some quick shots and family portraits on the morning of our city hall ceremony; we have a favorite low-key Italian restaurant that will be our celebratory spot the evening after our ceremony; and of course dressing ML for the occasion! We also have a “best of NYC” weekend itinerary to nail down that will hopefully give our families a little glimpse into the city that ML and I met. [Not complete without some East Village hotdogs and a pitcher of beer. We’re classy like that.]